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Dryer Vent Cleaning


Is your dryer vent setting you up for a disaster?

  • Costly repairs?
  • High utility bills?
  • House fire? 

Why do you need regular dryer vent cleaning?

  • Extends the life of the dyer – ruduces repair costs.
  • Ruduces drying time by increasing air flow – saves money on utility bills.
  • Eleminates fire hazard – dryer fires result in death, injuries and property damage.

Most people think cleaning their dryer’s lint screen is enough to keep their cloths dryer running efficiently and safely.  The fact is, lint can build up in the dryer’s hose and vent creating costly and dangerous situations.

Don’t take chances – You need the A&D Proclean Professional Difference

Amateurs could damage the ducting or the dryer itself.  Improper cleaning can create blockages that will damage the dryer or create a fire hazard.

When you work with us, we provide you with the superior quality only a professional dryer vent cleaning service can offer.

 A&D Proclean has the proper tools to clean and inspect a dryer vent duct system:

  • Tools to breakdown and remove bird’s nests or other obstructions.
  • Video inspection equipment to visually inspect the condition of ducts and find obstructions.
  • A powerful, HEPA-filtered vacuum, which ensures contaminants, like mold and vermin feces, are not blown into the house.

 In addition, we have the ability to clean from inside-out or outside-in as required for proper cleaning.

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